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Who Told You?

Who told you that you were a bud?

“Nothing special to be seen here.”

The inner thought seems to confirm

What the world has spoken - in their own fear.

If a bud were to never spring forth,

It would not display the glory hidden.

Who told you that you were a bud?

No, you are a glorious creation -

Made for more than you can imagine.

Do you feel the tug?


“Who told you?”

The words spoken to Adam and Eve when they fell because they were deceived. Every bud has a flower developing within. It springs forth in its season.

Some flowers spring up naturally without the help from an outside source. But there are some, like the peonies, that need help from the ant to fulfill their destiny.

Every bud has the potential to bloom. Every bloom is special and unique adding to the glory of the garden.

Simply put, you are a blooming flower, not a bud. In creation, a bud was never the end-goal. However, inside the bud is a beautiful promise of what is to come.

With great expectation

the Gardener is waiting

for the buds that He has been tending

to bloom and declare the glory

of God.

Will you believe the world who would rather you stay a bud?

Or will you believe the Son of Man; the one who, like the ant, has taken off the sticky past so you can blossom?

In Christ you are a new Creation. The old is gone, the new is here.

1 Corinthians 5:17

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