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The Unveiling (For the Bride)

Back Cover Summary:

You hold the ticket in your hand for entrance into a production unlike any other.

It is time, dear one, to seek and discover!


This is a work produced for you to discover the more that your soul thirsts for. You will find treasures of encounter and will experience the hope, peace, and love of God.

Here is a backstage secret! Expectation is a key component. Expect to be delivered, comforted, and healed. This is unlike any other book on your bookshelf, so expect to come out on the other side door transformed! 

It is time for The Unveiling. Many blessings, beloved one.

This book is for you! You will want to read it over and over!


If you find yourself searching for fulfillment or are drawn to Jesus, this writer keeps you feeling, thinking, and engaged! I found myself reading her book over and over like it was a different book every time! Don't miss out! You will love it!

Reviewed by John Ibone

June 5, 2021

Amazon Review 

This book will unveil to you how Jesus works in our life for the purpose of our good. 

The Unveiling is a book of God's love that is upon us in a situation that we may have felt alone. As I was reading I could visualize the events unfolding before me. The events in each character's life was so profound, I found myself waiting to see how God was actually working, and then there it was unveiling his unconditional love. From the first page to the last, I was smiling and crying, desiring to see more, wanting to see yet another door and what it would bring. This author put so much thought and imagination to show you that in the worst of circumstances, God has not abandoned us. God has used those circumstances  to bring us to news of love and acceptance. This book will be handed to my children so that they can see that even in the hardest moments, God is using  to show us so much more. This is a book of God's conditional love and I can only hope that another one will follow. 

Reviewed by Kelly O.

July 15, 2021

Amazon Review 

Get comfortable, and enjoy each scene change.


Five stars for The Unveiling. What I love about reading is getting lost in the book; seeing similarities between myself and the characters, and becoming part of their world. As a person who loves the theatre, I was excited for each scene change. This book warmed my heart: I smiled, I teared, and Scene Four came with a healing I didn't know I needed. This was a different type of fiction and I can't wait for more. 

Reviewed by Amazon Customer

July 20, 2021

Amazon Review 

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