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Rise up and Walk

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Do you hear the sound?

The sound of praise.

It is filling the mouth of those who have

Chosen to wait on the Lord

For this day.

There was a man

Who couldn’t walk.

But he waited everyday

In the position he hoped would one day

Become his salvation.

We have seen the day of salvation

Through the message of the cross.

We have seen the Lord and His grace.

Now He declares, Rise up and Walk.

Take your mat and remember the Lord.

The time for waiting has come and gone.

Our salvation is here with us, Emmanuel.

It is time to go into the world, healed and restored

Carrying the message of the goodness of the Lord.

Rise up and Walk, says the Lord.


You have been made with special instructions. Each word has a purpose. You cannot find true satisfaction without walking in the ways of the Lord. You see, while the law is written on our heart, our purpose is also entwined within. We are given the freedom to take the love that has been shown to us and build the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

What a wonderful world we live in! Everywhere there are opportunities to see the Glory of God. Within each Child of God there is a glimpse of our creator. His fingerprints can be seen on each vessel he has carefully crafted. It is time to stop depending on the world to bring you your salvation, and instead walk and become the solution for the world so the world can see the fingerprints of God on your life.

There is a land that you have been given! Each one of the Children of God have been given a land of inheritance, a land to work and till.

What will your land look like on the day of the LORD?

Will it be flowing with milk and honey, or dry and barren filled with thorns and thistles?

Repent and God will heal your land. The land that you have been given. There is enough land for every Child of God to possess. If we worked together and stayed in our lane, our world would taste the fruit of the Kingdom of God wherever they went.

What is your land? What are you waiting for? Its time to rise and stand up and walk, take a hold of the plow, and do not look back. You have been saved for a time such as this.

We will do this together, says the Lord.

Bible Story Reference: John 5

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