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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Have you looked in the mirror today? What did you see? Maybe you saw the blemish that you wished would fade. Maybe you saw the dark circles under your eyes due to the lack of sleep or allergies. Maybe you only caught a quick glace of yourself on your way to purchase groceries.

Have you looked in the mirror today? What did you say or think? Maybe you commented on the foundation you purchased thinking it would preform a miracle on that blemish that just won’t fade. Maybe those dark circles have convinced you that rest cannot be attained. Or the quick glace in the mirror is really an act of avoidance because you don’t like what you see.

For many years, the mirror and I were not friends. It seemed, like the movie Sleeping Beauty, reminding me that I wasn’t “the prettiest in the land”. I would apply makeup sparingly and during this process my thoughts were allowed to run rampant that left a wake of destruction in its path. Therefore, I ask, what do you see? If you can relate, keep reading so you too can be free!

The answer is deeper than the blemishes or dark circles that you woke up and saw in the mirror. Furthermore, the solution isn’t found in the brand or amount of makeup you apply on your face. The answer is found in your eyes. That’s right, your eyes! When is the last time you looked into your own eyes for an extended length of time? If it has been a while, I am going to challenge you to answer why. “Why” a question that is key to finding the root issue in our insecurities.

So, as you may have guessed, I have spent years avoiding my own eyes. I would maybe catch a glimpse every once in a while and it would be followed by a deep disappointment that seemed to stick and dictate my day. Today, When I look in my eyes, I see joy and am at peace with what I see looking back at me. But what changed?

If you did not already know, our eyes are windows into our body (Matthew 6:22-24 MSG). (This sentence may stretch your thinking a bit) Our eyes may be able to see, but still be blind! How is this possible? Well, we can be blind to the truth of who we really are. When this is the case, when we look in the mirror, all we see are the lies.

Test yourself and see! Find a mirror immediately. Can you look in your eyes and say, I am loved, I am wanted, I am needed, I am beautiful, or I am enough? All these statements are truth! If you speak these truths, while looking into your eyes and something doesn’t feel right, it means you believe a lie.

Sunglasses have a way of distorting the true light of the sun in the sky. Lies, like sunglasses, will distort the light in your eyes. What a thought! But no longer! Say it out loud, if you must. Today is the day that you will look in the mirror with a new belief and see past the lies that do not have a right to define your identity. Take off the sunglasses and look and see with expectation.

Now listen to the voice of Jesus, your Beloved:

My Bride allow me tell you how I see you. You have captured me with your beauty. I am undone by your love (Song of Songs 4:9 TPT). You are mine and I am yours. Beloved, there is no regret in me! I am not a man that I would lie. I have laid down my life so you could be placed in my arms and be at peace with who you are according to the plan of ABBA, God. Don’t you see what I see? I see an over comer who is at rest in Me. I see one who has confessed her love. Oh, those words in your mouth bring me the utmost of joy! I see a Bride ready to be given away in marriage with jewels that sparkle and a dress that shimmers because it is so white. I see one who dances with joy and jumps at the thought of my coming. I see a Bride who is waiting with expectation. You are so dear to me. Don’t allow the blemishes that you see cause you to hide your face from me. Instead choose to bring those blemishes to me. No more fig leaves! I desire you to be ALL that I see! So, allow me to speak truth and believe me. This is key. Believe me when I say you are enough, and you don’t need to prove anything but just be with me! Believe me when I say you are loved deeper than the depth of the ocean. Believe me when I say you are wanted. It was my voice that called your name and I do not regret this invitation. When you look into your eyes, the light that you see is me as I am looking back at my Bride full of joy and pride because of the ‘Yes’ you have given me.

Look again and believe.


Jesus Christ is the One whose light breaks through the lies. It is his blood, his life laid down that has defeated the lies of our adversary. Seek Jesus, run into his mighty arms, and you will find the truth that he has spoken. You may have days or moments where you look in the mirror and you are tempted to believe a lie. The enemy hates the beauty of The Bride of Christ and will try to convince you that you are not enough. BUT, my friend, do not leave that mirror until you have overcome the temptation and have spoken truth of the Word of God into your life. Begin to speak what God sees with belief and you will look into your eyes and find the love of Christ. Friend, those blemishes will begin to fade out of sight when you behold your Beloved.

If you do not know this One who is called Jesus, but desire to feel free to message me. He is ready and waiting for YOU.

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