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"It's True."

There is a moment in history that may go overlooked, yet it holds such importance to the one who beholds its worth.

Before diving in, let us try to get ourselves into a position to better understand.

I am a mother. Are you a parent too?

If you are, I have a feeling you will be able to relate to what I will share with you.

Once upon a time there was a mother of three young children. She decided to take her three children to church by herself because her husband had a business appointment. She had thought about staying home, but decided she would just suck it up and go. "It will be fine," She told herself. Boy, was she wrong. All three children decided that they were going to be terrible (yes, I said terrible).

While the worship team was playing, her children were yelling. They were not yelling "Hallelujah", instead, they were yelling about how bored they were (very loudly). The mother told them to go dance, instead they decided to push each other until the other cried. The middle daughter defiantly told the mother "no" when asked to stop crawling under the chairs. The children were out of control and the mother was at a point of loosing her cool.

My eyes (yes, this is my true story) were burning with tears of embarrassment. "What will they all think? I can't even control my own children," I thought.

Then it happened. The chaos ensuing on the right side of the church gained the attention of another women who came to my rescue. She came and whisked away one of my children and I watched as my middle daughter's behavior became good again.

I cried. The burning tears couldn't be held back. I was embarrassed, angry, and ashamed of my children's behavior. I blamed them for my embarrassment and was looking at the clock waiting for the children's ministry to begin so I could find my peace again.

Soon after the Lord gently rebuked me. He reminded me that He was not ashamed when I was not listening and making bad decisions. Instead, he was patient, he drew me back in, and waited until I would listen. Then he brought me up out of the pit I had created. But, He never turned away from me in shame. I was his, and he was mine. Jesus was committed.

Luke 23:3.

Jesus just witnessed his friend, Peter, deny him. His disciple betrayed him with a kiss. His whole life is turned upside down as he stands before Pilate facing false charges that were brought against him. His own people, the ones that received the Revelation of his word through the law and the Prophets, were sending him to a death that had been reserved for criminals.

In verse 3, Pilate questions Jesus. He asks Jesus, "Is it true? Are you their king and Messiah?"

Jesus answered, "It is true." (TPT)

This can go overlooked if you do not understand the context of what Jesus was saying. He was claiming them as his own. He was taking responsibility for their actions. He never left them alone. They spit. They mocked. They beat him and lied so he would die.

But he was not ashamed. He chose to remain faithful and gave his life in order for them to be saved.

"It is true."

Jesus speaks this word over you today. Maybe you have been in a place where you believe you cannot come back. Maybe those fig leaves you are wearing are beginning to fray. Maybe you are ashamed of the choice you have made and are wrongly projecting your feelings upon the One who has called your name.

It is true, Jesus said. I am their King. I am their savior. I am the one sent to lead them into a life that is abundant with joy, hope, and peace.

Do you believe?

If you do, What does that mean for you?

How do this declaration from Jesus change the way that you think?

I love Jesus because He loved me first when I couldn't even love myself.

Jesus does not regret his choice to go to the cross.

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