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Fiery Love amid the Flames

We all have those days.

Those days where the sun seems to touch every other place but your face.

Those moments when you cannot seem to find your way.

But then ABBA God shows you His mercy in the midst of the flames.

He sends a word that prevails over the shining beams of sunlight any day.

“I love you” He says.

Like a knife his words sting a little as you think

How can one so wonderful love this mess?


His voice captures and steals your attention

Until every giant fades away.

Then in the position of a little child you raise your arms,

knowing that your ABBA already knows what is on your heart.

You snuggle in and say, “Daddy, I love you. I don’t know what else to say.”

Then, like a thick warm blanket on a winter’s day,

He wraps you up tight and you know it is all going to be okay.

We all have those days.


Be still, my child, and know that I am God. Just as I have promised, my unfailing love will bring you comfort and a peace that the world cannot offer. Run into me and let me surround you with my tender mercies. Listen and my instruction will bring you comfort. Run into my arms. I will not turn away from your embrace for I am your saving grace. In my arms, you cannot be shaken. Come and discover rest in my love today.

- ABBA God

Verse references:

1. Psalms 46:10

2. Psalms 119:76-77

3. Psalms 62:6-8

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