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Bitter-Sweet Greens

“Eat your vegetables.” I tell my daughter, as she looks at me with tears beginning to form in her eyes. Shaking my head, I tell her for the 100th time that she must try to eat the mouse-sized serving on her plate.

Where am I going with this…?

Placed before you are some leafy greens and a strong encouragement to eat. Taste and see! You may be pleasantly surprised and energized by ‘leafy greens’ of the word of God.

A few days ago, the Holy Spirit suddenly spoke to me a verse that I had previously read. I was caught off guard and surprised by it.

I heard, “frail and puny man.”

In Isaiah 2:22 (The Passion Translation) God instructs the reader to not trust in man calling them frail and puny. I had read this before, but who would want to apply this truth to themselves? Right?! I mean, that is for the world, not for the beloved daughter of God.

This truth was not void, instead, it ushered in the presence of God. Holy Spirit was silently in the room giving me one of those are-you-paying-attention-to-me-child-I-am-talking-about-you look.

I confess, it did take me a minute to realize that Holy Spirit was talking about me!

I paused. Was my God calling me frail and puny? Surely, not! I pushed this ‘leafy green’ around on my plate, contemplating whether I wanted to eat it.

But, WOAH! The moment I considered this as truth and took a taste, Pride fell backwards off its seat. Out of my mouth flowed a confession of my human frailty. Then, like a warm hug wrapped around me, another word was whispered to me.

I heard, “When you are weak, I make you strong.”

God was answering my prayer; LORD, give me a humble and contrite spirit.

In Romans 12:3, Paul writes to the church instructing them to be emptied of self-promotion and warns them not to create a false image of their importance. He advises the reader to access their worth by using their faith as a standard of measurement so that they would see their true value with an appropriate self-esteem (TPT).

What a gift this revelation is!

When I know that God loves this frail and puny me, I do not have to prove anything! Furthermore, (and this is the best) because of who I am, HE IS. He is my strength! My weaknesses do not have to cause me to stay weak. NO! Instead He embraces my weaknesses and lifts me up into Him. He fills in with his strength the areas I am weak in and we move together as ONE glorifying God the Father in the Earth. What a precious gift this is! When I embrace my weakness, I draw nearer to Jesus.

This truth is a shield of faith against the temptation of pride. I can boldly say that while I am a frail human, my GOD finds VALUE in me! He calls the soul of this frail human worth more than any precious stone that can be found. This is the standard of measurement that I choose to live by. I am who I am because God is the I AM. My weakness is an opportunity to experience the grace and love of God. It in His strength that I will walk in overcoming victory.

When we accept the truth that we are frail and puny humans, our humbled position will give room for faith to mature and we will experience a daily revival in our hearts.

All in all, I am glad to have eaten of the truth that looked like vegetables on my plate. It might taste bitter at first, but once you chew on it a bit longer it turns sweet in your mouth.

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